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<center>Policies & Rules</center> | Tri Cities Bridal Show (TM)

Policies & Rules

BRIDES MAGAZINE Offer/refund details:  U.S. Subscribers only.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for your first issue of Brides magazine to arrive.   You will not be billed for this subscription.  This subscription will not automatically renew.  This subscription is a special bonus as our way of saying thank you for attending the show.  We hope you enjoy. If you have an existing subscription to Brides magazine, your current subscription will be extended by one year. If for any reason you do not want the subscription and prefer to receive a refund, please fill out the below form and mail it along with a proof of qualifying purchase receipt within 30 days of purchase to: Conde Nast Special Programs, Bridal show, PO Box 37722, Boone, IA 50037-0722.  Limit one subscription or refund per order and household.  Offer valid until 1/31/18 and while supplies last.


Tri-Cities Bridal Show Vendor Contract Terms & Conditions

Alan Dodson dba Tri-Cities Bridal Show, as show producer, hereafter referred to as “TCBS”, his agents, contractors or employees, shall not be liable for property damage or personal injury to Exhibitor, its agents, employees, helpers &/or guests, which may occur on or about any part of the subject premises including your booth space, regardless of how such an injury or damage may have occurred. Exhibitor shall hold “TCBS” harmless and shall indemnify “TCBS” against all liability or expenses arising out of any claim of injury or damage to any person or property, together with all costs in connection with the defense thereto, including attorney’s fees, resulting from the Exhibitor’s actions.  Tri-Cities Bridal Show℠ and Tri-Cities Bridal Shows℠ are trademarked.  Unauthorized use is prohibited by State and Federal Law.  Violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of applicable law.

  1. Setup/Breakdown: Setup of booths must be completed 60 minutes before the show opening and must remain set up and open for business until show closing. Booths and aisles must be kept clear for safe access throughout show hours. If an exhibitor breaks down early, the exhibitor shall forfeit its rights to the list of show attendees and may be excluded from participation in future shows. Failure to arrive in a timely fashion for setup will result in a forfeiture of your space and loss of monies paid.
  2. “TCBS” reserves the right to demand removal by an exhibitor of any items or display that is not in keeping with the spirit and intent of the bridal show. No magazines or promotional material from any other bridal/wedding show may be distributed.
  3. “TCBS” is not responsible for the numbers of show attendees, registrants and visitors and does not guarantee the ability of any vendor to sell their respective products and services. Our sole responsibility is to produce the show on scheduled dates.
  4. Exhibitors may only display or distribute their materials. Non-exhibitor materials are not allowed. NO BOOTH SHARING!
  5. All municipal, state and federal requirements in connection with sales must be fulfilled.
  6. This contract cannot be assigned without the prior written consent of “TCBS” The exhibitor cannot share their booth space with another non-exhibitor. All exhibitor displays must be free standing and may not exceed the boundaries of the exhibit space. Exhibitors are prohibited from attaching anything to the walls, columns, windows or fixtures of the facility. “TCBS” reserves the right to restrict displays that interfere with other exhibitors. Structural booths must be fully covered on all sides, for a neat appearance.
  7. Reasonable precautions will be taken by “TCBS” to protect persons and property during the show; however, neither the show management, show facility, nor representatives of any of the same, shall be responsible for the personal safety of the exhibitor or its representatives from injury, or the safety of the property of the exhibitor from theft or damage. Exhibitor waives all claims for damages of every kind against “TCBS” based on property damage, destruction, loss or theft, injury or death and any other act.
  8. Distribution of samples of food, cake or other edible items is subject to approval by “TCBS” and subject to any rules or restrictions set forth by the hosting show facility. Distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Only those exhibitors in the food business are allowed to distribute food samples. A description of those edible items should be provided to “TCBS” prior to the show. Any exhibitor who distributes edible items agrees to assume liability and indemnify and hold harmless “TCBS”, the show facility and representatives for damage or injury which might occur from such distribution and show proof of liability insurance and health department kitchen inspection upon request. Any exhibitor may provide bottled water or soft drinks to attendees at no cost to the attendees.  No sales of food or beverage is permitted at any show except by the hosting facility.
  9. The use of porters, if available, to assist unloading and loading is at exhibitor’s own risk, and “TCBS” shall not be liable for any resulting damage or claim. Porters are not employees of “TCBS” & Exhibitors MAY NOT block any access area during load in/out.
  10. A list of attending brides will be made available to each exhibitor provided the exhibitor has fulfilled all terms of this agreement and responded to a post-event survey and confidentiality agreement. The list may be seeded to enable “TCBS” to monitor its use. Exhibitor agrees that the list shall remain the property of “TCBS” and agrees not to sell, lend, allow viewing or otherwise transfer the list to any other business or individual for any reason. Any exhibitor allowing use by a non-exhibitor will be banned from future shows and accessed liquidated damages of $25 per name on the list.
  11. Exhibitor warrants that the Exhibitor carries liability insurance that provides coverage for their area in the show. Your booth area is an extension of your company office and as such you must have liability protection. (Verification may be required)
  12. Exhibitor warrants that exhibitor carries vehicle liability insurance for any vehicle that is brought onto the facility premises.
  13. In the event of extreme weather conditions, fire, casualty, disaster, labor disputes, acts of God or any other situations beyond the control of “TCBS”, “TCBS” will, at its sole discretion, reschedule and/or procure alternate space for the show. “TCBS” shall not be liable to the exhibitor for any loss or damage suffered by exhibitor by reason of such rescheduling and/or relocation of the show. Except as specifically provided otherwise in this agreement, should “TCBS” fail to hold the show within 90 days of the originally scheduled date, a refund of all amounts paid will be returned to the exhibitor upon demand.
  14. “TCBS” may issue additional rules as it deems necessary for the orderly presentation of the show. For the convenience of the exhibitor, “TCBS” will accept submission of this agreement by facsimile or email and shall be deemed to be an original document and fully enforceable there as. Tendering payment by any means to “TCBS” constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions and any revisions or modifications thereto.
  15. The exhibitor in signing this agreement acknowledges his, her or their authority to do so and hereby personally assume liability for the terms and conditions and amounts stated herein.
  16. This agreement and performance hereunder and all suits and proceedings hereunder shall be interpreted and construed pursuant to the laws of the State of Tennessee, County of Sullivan. Return check fee is $50.00 + Bank Charges & Attorney Fee.  This agreement shall represent the entire agreement between the exhibitor and “TCBS”. No provision can be modified except by written consent of “TCBS”. If any clause of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the agreement shall continue in full force and effect without regard to the invalidated clause. Listing on the TCBS website is included until the next show, but not guaranteed to be posted at any particular time.

Tri-Cities Bridal Show™  Copyright 2009-2017 (Revised 12/4/2017)


SPECIAL NOTICE:  Effective October 1, 2017, Alan Dodson has taken back over full control and ownership of the Tri-CIties Bridal Show.  He has always been the owner of the show, owner of the Trademark and has had the operational overview.  Alan is currently seeking a new management/ownership entity to take over the operations of the show following the January 14, 2018, show.  Due to his schedule and health, this becomes necessary and is looking forward to moving toward retirement.