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Audrey Person Photography
Dublin, Virginia
Audrey Person

Real photos. Affordable prices. Timeless memories.

Artist Bio: I grew up in the great American West where dirt and honesty and Authentic Mexican food are easy to come by. I like to tell honest story’s through pictures and help you capture those special moments just as you remember them. Life isn’t perfect. There is no reason to try any make people think that it is.

Real Photos Tell Real Stories. Let’s Tell Yours!

Elissa Wood Photography
3119 Bristol Hwy
Suite 305
Johnson City, TN
Elissa Wood


Welcome! My name is Elissa and I have had a camera in my hand for the better part of the past 40 years. I took a leap of faith in 2006 and made a midlife career change to professional photographer.  I eventually discovered my passion for styled beauty/editorial photography and boudoir in 2010 and that’s when the magic began to happen!

I love what I do. My goal when working with clients is to not only creative artistic portraits, but also create a transformation in how people see themselves.  We all have our hang ups about our age, our size/shape, or some other aspect of ourselves we find imperfect. A lot of us hate how we look in photographs. I want to change that if I possibly can. Everyone should have at least one portrait of themselves they love.


Most portrait sessions take place at our private, full-service studio in Johnson City, Tennessee. We’re located on the third floor of a quiet office/retail building. Our loft-like suite has high ceilings and beautiful natural light. The space is easily transformed to create many different looks with a full array of studio lighting and backdrops. Location, outdoor, and destination photo shoots are also available.


The studio is located in the Northridge Centre complex at 3119 Bristol Highway in Johnson City, Tennessee. It’s not far from the intersection of State of Franklin Road and I26. From the front of the building, look for the main entrance under the awning beside of Rumors Salon. Take the stairs up to the third floor and the studio is to the left at the end of the hallway, Suite 305.
Hill Photography Service
1887 Euclid Ave
Bristol, Virginia
Reece Hill
(276) 644-1974

Hill Photography Service, we take a team approach to capturing your wedding memories. We blend wedding photojournalism and a documentary style by combining the talents of our wedding photography with our talented editing to artistically deliver the moments that make your story unforgettable.
Our most popular service includes 2 Photographers, 7 hrs. Wedding day coverage, Engagement Session, Bridal Session, a custom-designed Album, a print credit and much more. Hill Photography Service proves that exceptional wedding photography does not have to be expensive. We deliver more quality, service and value than you thought possible.
At Hill Photography Service, we are skilled photojournalists who will capture the story of your wedding day as it unfolds. We capture the moments you expect, and even some you don’t.
The best part for me is Creating Memories That Last a Life Time

Wounded Tree Photography
345 Magnolia Drive
Bristol, Virginia
Jessica Seymore

About Wounded Tree Photography

Everyone always asks where I got the name, Wounded Tree. It came from a poem I wrote that means a lot to me. When I was 11 my great grandmother passed away. I couldn’t understand why everyone was laughing and just hanging out at the house like nothing happened. So I ran into the woods and took comfort in an old tree. This poem tells the story of that day and the days of my life to come.


There was a tree that was meant for me, it stood tall and proud

It had a door that was old and worn and grown ups weren’t allowed

I went there everyday and let my thoughts begin to breathe

From the harshness of this world, this tree was my relief

One day I made the trek

down the path to my old friend

My tree had a wound that was impossible to mend

I had to move on and let my tree turn back to earth

I had to grow up and discover my own worth

Now when times get hard and life is crushing down on me

I just close my eyes and picture that old tree


I believe life is about learning and growing. Sometimes you need a little help to make it through and sometimes you learn and grow and push through on your own. That’s why creating memories and capturing them is so important to me and my clients. Because whether its a tree, or a photo printed on paper, you can hold onto those memories for a lifetime.