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Boynton Beach, FL
Christia Sorrells

LGBTQ Friendly

Our History

Vital Nutrition is one of the premier brands of the New Era Cookware Company, a company which has skillfully manufactured cookware since 1874. Vital Nutrition cookware combines New Era’s legacy of superior craftsmanship with a distinctive 7 Ply induction ready multi-clad surgical stainless steel to create the very finest cooking experience in your home. Vital Nutrition is proud to have our cookware crafted with American steel in Clarksville, Tennessee, and each piece of cookware is meticulously polished and inspected by hand to ensure you will receive a product that will last a lifetime.

Our state-of-the-art cooking system ensures highly nutritious foods that are flavorful and tender. In addition to maximizing time, saving money, and providing peace of mind, this high-quality cookware has a lifetime warranty.

Vital Nutrition Plus Cookware is engineered and constructed of the finest quality materials in the industry. We combine 19-9 Surgical Stainless 7-Ply full body construction, an engineered moisture seal, a tri-vent whistle, and some of the heaviest cover steel available to create a complete cooking system. This is not just another set of pots and pans. Vital Nutrition Plus cookware provides excellent heat conduction, a non-reactive surface that will not leach metals or chemicals into your food, and a minimum-moisture method of preparation.

Every inch of our products has been engineered to stand above the competition, and we take pride in being unlike all others. For example, many cookware companies advertise their cookware as multi-ply cookware. What they don’t tell you is that it is only multi-ply on the bottom of the pan. This creates un-even heat distribution, and the need to use excess water to cook. Vital Nutrition Cookware is 7-Ply on all sides, which distributes the heat perfectly for true waterless cooking. Innovations like this help you cook more eficiently and live a healthier life.

Lifetime Warranty

Vital Nutrition Plus Cookware has been manufactured to the highest standards. Each stainless steel part is unconditionally warranted against defect in material and workmanship for the purchaser’s lifetime and is transferable once. To transfer the warranty simply send a copy of the original purchase documents and the new owner’s name and address to Vital Nutrition’s address below.

If a stainless steel part rusts, warps, chips, cracks, bends, melts, or breaks, this is considered defective. Simply contact customer service to obtain a Return Authorization # (RA#) and ship the piece postage prepaid and we will repair or replace the item with an equivalent item at no charge.

Olive Oil Divine
2517 N. Roan St.
Johnson City, TN
Greg Mueller

In 2011, we traveled to Hilton Head Island, SC to spend Christmas & New Years Eve just as we had done for many years. During one of our anticipated “Date Nights” of this trip, we took in dinner and a show at the famous “Jazz Corner” dinner club on the island. Upon our arrival at the Jazz Corner we noticed a neighboring storefront that had numerous shiny, stainless steel objects (called “Fustis”) that could be seen through the window! Our curiosity got us so we entered and found ourselves in the local olive oil store of Hilton Head Island. It was that experience that our education and eventual love & appreciation for authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic was born. Over the next few years, the growing stress of our jobs caused us to wish we could once again be in business for ourselves. Remaining open to God’s guidance, we began to investigate if an olive oil store would be suitable for us. We became convinced through Divine direction that this type of about-store-business was for us, so in August 2014 we attempted to purchase the Hilton Head olive oil store. That purchase never consummated, but we soon realized that God only intended to light our fire so that we would start our own business right here at home in Tennessee!

Fast forward to today, and we now welcome you to our “Infinitely Divine” piece of work known as Olive Oil Divine! We purposefully choose to be solely independently owned and operated. We represent a new and different approach to buying olive oil & balsamic which makes us proud to state that we are not a franchise, but are a store of ONE, like no others! Unlike many competitors restrictions, we have the freedom of purchasing any product we desire and from any source we choose, thus allowing us to procure only the freshest and tastiest craft-batch Olive Oils & Balsamics in the world! From the multitude of samples we receive for consideration, few receive our stamp of approval. We believe that if we wouldn’t want a particular Oil or Balsamic in our kitchen, than neither would you! Our selection of spices, pastas, and other gourmet items receive the same attention towards obtaining only top quality. You can rest assured that our selection represents what we believe to be the “Cream of the Crop”!