Wounded Tree Photography

Wounded Tree Photography
345 Magnolia Drive
Bristol, Virginia
Jessica Seymore

About Wounded Tree Photography

Everyone always asks where I got the name, Wounded Tree. It came from a poem I wrote that means a lot to me. When I was 11 my great grandmother passed away. I couldn’t understand why everyone was laughing and just hanging out at the house like nothing happened. So I ran into the woods and took comfort in an old tree. This poem tells the story of that day and the days of my life to come.


There was a tree that was meant for me, it stood tall and proud

It had a door that was old and worn and grown ups weren’t allowed

I went there everyday and let my thoughts begin to breathe

From the harshness of this world, this tree was my relief

One day I made the trek

down the path to my old friend

My tree had a wound that was impossible to mend

I had to move on and let my tree turn back to earth

I had to grow up and discover my own worth

Now when times get hard and life is crushing down on me

I just close my eyes and picture that old tree


I believe life is about learning and growing. Sometimes you need a little help to make it through and sometimes you learn and grow and push through on your own. That’s why creating memories and capturing them is so important to me and my clients. Because whether its a tree, or a photo printed on paper, you can hold onto those memories for a lifetime.

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Wounded Tree Photography